Premkumar Masilamani

Software Architect - Writer - Life Coach

I am relentlessly curious to know everything and ready to dance naked with the truth !!!

🖥 Software Architect

As a Software Architect, I’ll bring your ideas to life.

With 20 years of experience in the industry, I specialize in designing and implementing cutting-edge, highly scalable, cloud-native distributed systems that get the business done. I’ve worked with both startups and large enterprises as both an individual contributor and managing large teams across multiple time zones. As a certified professional cloud architect in AWS, GCP, and Kubernetes and with DevOps expertise, I’ll architect and roll up my sleeves to build the software as well. I enjoy building and mentoring high-performing teams.

🖋 Writer

As a Writer, I’ll make you think.

I question everything and try to see the underlying truth from multiple perspectives, void of emotions and drama. This blog is an outlet for such thoughts and derivatives. Out of all I wrote, if I could make one person think and question their reality, I feel complete as a writer. I encourage all my readers to challenge my thoughts and engage in a fearless conversation. Beneath all the roughness, there lies a soft beating heart, yearning for love, delighting in the feminine, expressing emotions in poetry and lives in ephemeral bubbles of happiness.

🌱 Life Coach

As a Life Coach, I’ll help you live your best life.

I truly enjoy helping everyone to realize and see who they are. Whether you’re seeking career guidance, improved relationships, or a deeper sense of purpose, I’m here to help you navigate life’s challenges and unlock your true potential. Start your transformative journey today and build the life you’ve always envisioned, with me by your side. Book a session, today!.

🔗 Connect with Me

This is me, unfiltered and unapologetic. Welcome to my world! 👋

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